Wednesday April 3, 2013 Happening Now

Another escalation in the ongoing conflict with North Korea. Today the North refused to allow hundreds of South Korean workers into a joint North and South Korean industrial park. It comes as we get word the U.S. has sent two Navy destroyers to the region. Greg Palkot reporting, and we'll hear from Major General Bob Scales about the military preps.

President Obama continues his big push on gun control with a speech in Denver later today. The President wants universal background checks for gun buyers.

A sweeping gun control measure will be debated today in Connecticut. It's expected to pass.

We get ADP private payroll numbers today.. potentially a market mover.

Alicia Acuna reporting today on the latest in the Evan Ebel case. He's the man who was mistakenly released from prison four years early, took off his tracking device, and killed a pizza delivery man and then the head of Colorado's prisons.

Dan Springer reporting on the murder of that TX prosecutor and his wife. The couple will be buried today.

We'll update you on the manhunt for two jail escapees in Texas as well.

There's also an update on the string of arsons in Virginia. Two arrests have been made.

The judge in the Jodi Arias murder case dismissed Juror #5 yesterday after a two hour court delay. The judge admonished the jury to not speculate on the reasons, but she's restricting their access to the press... testimony resumes today at 12:30, and is expected to focus on Travis' alleged behavior around women.

Rebels making a big push into Damascus in Syria's civil war coming under heavy bombardment today.

Israel has struck targets in Gaza after it has come under repeated rocket attack. It's the first exchange of fire since a cease fire in November.

A new version of bird flu that doesn't actually sicken birds is raising alarm bells in China. Two men died there from the new strain.

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