New York City woman survives after being stabbed 40 times

A Bronx woman miraculously survived being stabbed 40 times — including through her heart, police sources said.

Alyssa Wilcynski, 35, was heading to her Mott Haven apartment when she said a stranger followed her into the building. He attacked her with a rusty steak knife on stairs near the sixth floor at about 10:40 p.m. March 15, she recalled yesterday.

She fought back, biting his neck and forearm, and he pummeled her in the head.

“It knocked me out for a split second,” she said. “He must have thought I was dead . . . I knew I was going to die.”

A neighbor knocked on the family’s door and told Wilcynski’s husband, Patrick Sotomayor, 38, that his wife had just been stabbed.

"He pierced her heart,” he said yesterday. “He’s still out there. I want him off the street — he’s an animal.”

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