Tuesday April 2, 2013 Happening Now

Another day, another threat from North Korea. Pyongyang today says it will restart a nuke reactor used to make plutonium. The reactor was shut down in 2007 as part of failed nuke talks. There are also reports that North Korea is mobilizing missile batteries and other military weapons. The U.S. continues to send military resources into the area of the Korean Peninsula.

The U.N. will vote on an international arms trade treaty today despite the objection of Iran, North Korea and Syria.

The NRA will release a report today on its proposals for improving school safety.. as Connecticut passes some of the strictest anti-gun legislation in the nation. Mike Emanuel and Rick Leventhal reporting.

New details today on the murder of a Texas District Attorney and his wife in Kaufman, Texas. The couple was shot multiple times and were discovered by deputies after family members became concerned. Right now, officials are focused on a well-known and violent white supremacist gang operating in Texas. Dan Springer reports.

Meantime, new details on the man who killed the head of Colorado's prisons who then was killed by police in Texas. Apparently Evan Ebel was released from prison four years early. Alicia Acuna has that story.

The Jodi Arias trial resumes today at 12:30. Defense attorney's have asked for a mistrial based on what they call juror misconduct by one female jury member..

Claudia Cowan continues her reporting on the woes of one California town.. Stockton which became the most-populous city to ever declare bankruptcy.

If any of you watched "60 Minutes" last week, you know about the story of Louis Cuen Taylor who has spent more than four decades in prison for starting an infamous fire at the Pioneer Hotel in Tucson in 1970. He is in court today and could be released. He maintains he is innocent though attempts to free him in the past have failed.

One of the main folks in the reality show "BuckWild" has been found dead along with two others in a truck in West Virginia. Shain Gandee was just 21 years old. The show which follows a group of young people living in West Virginia. Shooting on the second season has now been suspended. Autopsies have been ordered to discover the cause of death.

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