Oregon couple reportedly claims neighbor's medical marijuana smell makes them sick

An Oregon couple reportedly claims the noxious smell of their neighbor’s medical marijuana plants are making them sick.

Gloria Peterson, of Portland, wants city officials to intervene and do something about the strong odor, KATU News reports.

 “They're too close,” she told the station. “They're way too close for this to be happening.  There needs to be some sort of zoning regulation that there has to be some sort of distance, I believe, between a marijuana grow and a neighbor.”

City Hall officials, as well as the Portland Police Department, the Department of Environmental Quality and Multnomah County Health Department all said on Monday that they couldn’t do anything about it.

According to Portland City Code, no person “shall burn upon any premises or in any street, alley or other place, any animal or vegetable substance which shall create an offensive or noxious odor.”

Police officials referred the station to City Hall, which then sent reporters to the Multnomah County Health Department. A spokesperson there said inspectors investigate stinky smells, but not marijuana. The county health department then referred the station back to police.

Roughly 53,000 people carry medical marijuana cards in Oregon.

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