Monday April 1, 2013 Happening Now

It looks like a deal on immigration is getting closer and closer. There was lots of agreement on the Sunday shows about a path forward, though Senators Rubio and Graham say they're not ready to sign off just yet. Mike Emanuel reporting and we'll talk with Byron York about the way ahead.

The White House Easter egg roll will likely still be happening live during the top of our show.. both President Obama and the First Lady will speak at the annual event. Cute pictures.

1030EDT -- The First Family attends the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll; POTUS & FLOTUS deliver remarks, South Lawn. LIVE

In his first Easter message, the new pope, Pope Francis called for peace especially on the Korean peninsula. Breaking with tradition, he mingled with the crowds in Saint Peter's Square after he delivered the traditional message of peace.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un held an annual parliamentary session today as tensions with the U.S. continue to mount. The new President of South Korea warned the North that any attack will be retaliated against quickly. Japan says it is on "full alert," as the U.S. continues to move resources into the region. Greg Palkot reporting.

James Rosen reporting today on the final days of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's second term.. and his maneuvering around it.

A building collapse in Tanzania has left at least 30 dead.

A North Texas District Attorney and his wife were murdered over the weekend in Kaufman, Texas. Kaufman County DA Mike McLelland and his wife were gunned down just weeks after an assistant prosecutor in the same county was killed. There have been no arrests in the second shooting. You may remember less than two weeks ago, the head of Colorado's prisons was gunned down at his front door. Texas is on high alert. Dan Springer is reporting from Kaufman, Texas.

There's a disturbing report on drug cartels infiltrating into the United States. The Associated Press suggests Mexican cartels are sending agents to live and work deep inside the U.S.

Rescue crews in Alaska say they haven't found any survivors after an Alaska State Trooper helicopter crashed near Anchorage. There was a pilot, a trooper, and a rescued snowmobiler on board.

A 95 car pileup left three dead at the Virginia/North Carolina border.

Four were hurt after a man crashed a car into a Wal-Mart and then started attacking shoppers with some kind of weapon.

A federal judge rules today on the possibility of bankruptcy for Stockton, CA. It would become the most populous city to enter bankruptcy protection.


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