Texas authorities investigate death of baby scalded with hot water

Police in Texas are investigating the death of an 10-month old baby boy who died from injuries after being scalded with hot water, reports.

A police spokesman tells Fox 26 the boy died from his injuries after being taken to Bayshore hospital by his parents Wednesday afternoon.

"Eventually we knew something was going to happen," said neighbor Kathy Bouware. She says although sad, she wasn't surprised by what happened.

According to the boy's grandparents, who refused to talk on camera, it wasn't the first time the child had been taken to the hospital.

They say in August, CPS removed the child from the home after he was injured.

"CPS should've never given that baby back to them," said Bouware. She says the boy's father, Will Cain, is known for his anger.

"He would be out here on the street causing problems with the neighbors and things and just acting real bizarre," said Bouware.

Pasadena police say it's a rare case, because neither parent is willing to speak to investigators. The family has hired a lawyer.

The family attorney gave no comment regarding the case.

Late Wednesday, Pasadena police executed a search warrant of the home. No charges have been filed at this time.

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