Rockefeller impostor trial: Defendant's TV interview contains oblique denial of murder

Jurors in the Los Angeles trial of a Rockefeller impostor have seen a video of his oblique denial that he murdered a missing California couple.

The August 2008 interview with Christian Gerhartsreiter on NBC's "Today" featured the German immigrant claiming in unaccented English that he was born and raised in New York. He gave his name as Clark Rockefeller.

He was asked if he killed Linda and John Sohus, and responded that he was a pacifist and believed in non-violence. In his words: "I can fairly certainly say that I've never hurt anyone physically."

Gerhartsreiter is charged with the murder of John Sohus, whose bones were unearthed at a San Marino home where the defendant once rented a cottage from Sohus' mother.

The trial recessed Thursday until Tuesday.