Tuesday March 26, 2013 Happening Now

Catherine Herridge is reporting on the prosecution of terror suspect Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, and why the Obama administration chose to bring him to trial in the U.S.

Meantime, A Somali man who was a liason between Al Qaeda in Yemen and Somalia has pled guilty to multiple terror related charges in a U.S. court. He was apparently a high-level informant on the goings-on of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Africa.

The Supreme Court could make history this week. The high court hears arguments today on California's ban on same-sex marriage. Tomorrow it's the federal Defense of Marriage Act. First audio of arguments not expected until after 1pm, and analysts say no ruling until June. Shannon Bream is reporting, and we'll go through the legal arguments with Tim O'Brien.

Italy's highest criminal court has overturned the acquittal of Amanda Knox (here we go again?). The court has ordered a new trial. Knox was accused of killing her British roommate in 2007.

The Jodi Arias murder trial resumes today in Phoenix.

The Associated Press today is reporting the United States is training secular Syrian moderates inside of Jordan to take on Assad forces in Syria's civil war. This goes along with New York Times reporting yesterday suggesting the United States is funneling weapons to Syria's rebel forces. Meantime, the death toll continues to rise. One of our guests suggests the 70,000 dead so far could be only the beginning.

North Korea is doing more saber-rattling today again threatening to attack U.S. bases in the Pacific.

Secretary of State John Kerry met with Afghan leader Hamid Karzai again today.

Some Cyprus banks due to re-open today as markets took a hit yesterday on the news that individual's money could be taken at will by the government there.

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