Monday March 25, 2013 Happening Now - more snow!

Lots of new out of the Mideast today.

The New York Times is reporting that the CIA is helping Arab governments and Turkey dramatically step up military aid to Syria's opposition including importing weapons. That news comes as rumors flew all weekend about what is happening inside Syria. There was a widely reported rumor that Bashir Assad had been shot by a bodyguard, but that's been shot down. It comes as evidence mounts chemical weapons are being used in Syria. The head of the House Intel Committee Chair Mike Rogers says on CBS the red line on chemical weapons "has been crossed." It also comes as a continuing wave of refugees leave Syria and end up in place like Jordan.. where there's fears the refugees could further destabilize neighboring countries.

Israel has reportedly fired into Syria for the first time hitting a place in the Golan Heights where they've been attacked from.

Secretary of State John Kerry made a surprise trip to Iraq this weekend. He's asking Iraq to help stop arms flowing from Iran through Iraq.

Kerry is in Jordan, but look for news.

Overnight, the EU leaders agreed on a bailout for Cyprus to prevent the total collapse of its banking system. We'll get the details from Greg Palkot. (Markets are higher on the news overseas)

President Obama has a live event during our show.

1130EDT -- POTUS deliver remarks at a naturalization ceremony for active duty service members and civilians, East Room. LIVE

Speaking of DC, the nation's capital getting pounded with snow as I write this. A massive storm is spreading snow all over the Midwest and Northeast. It doesn't look much like Spring in most of the country.

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