Friday March 22, 2013 Happening Now

Three Marines including a suspected gunman are dead after a shooting at a Marine base in Quantico, Virginia. An official says the suspect killed another Marine last night, and then shot another Marine in a standoff before turning the gun on himself.

A Colorado parolee is on life support in a Texas hospital after a high-speed chase, crash and shootout with police. Police say the 28-year-old suspect, Evan Spencer Ebel, is a suspect in the shooting death of the head of Colorado prisons Tuesday night. CO Corrections Director Tom Clements was killed at his home. Alicia Acuna reports.

President Obama wraps up a three-day visit to Israel today with several symbolic visits in Israel, holding meetings in Jordan and then holds a joint news conference with Jordan's King Abdullah II. Leland Vittert and Ed Henry reporting.

1040EDT -- POTUS is met by King Abdullah II with an official arrival ceremony, Amman. HOST TV LIVE / POOL TAPE

1055EDT -- POTUS participates in a restricted bilateral mtg with King Abdullah II. Al Hummar Offices, Amman. POOL TAPE SPRAY

1115EDT -- POTUS participates in an expanded bilateral mtg with King Abdullah II. Al Hummar Offices, Amman. CLOSED

1145EDT -- POTUS & King Abdullah II host press conference. Al Hummar Offices, Amman. HOST TV LIVE / POOL TAPE

1235EDT -- Motorcade departs Al Hummar Offices en route Four Seasons Hotel, Amman. POOL TAPE

1250EDT -- Motorcade arrives Four Seasons. POOL TAPE

Senate holding a "vote-a-rama" today working on a budget... Mike Emanuel reports.

South Korea says it was "wrong" when it identified China as the origin of a cyber attack that left critical banks and broadcasters crippled earlier this week. Oops.

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