Chicago surgeon who tried to save 6-month-old shooting victim: We couldn’t stop blood loss

Anger is growing on the South Side after 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins was shot to death near 65th Street and Maryland Ave. Now, doctors recall their desperate attempt to try to save the baby girl, reported.

Watkins lost so much blood that doctors at Comers Children's Hospital had to replace it five times. Almost every organ in her body had been injured by the 5 gunshots, the report said.

"She lost 3 liters of blood in the operating room which means we were aggressively replacing and she simply continued to bleed," Dr. Mark Slidell told the station. The team of surgeons worked around the clock to keep the girl alive, which they did for 12 hours.

The girl’s mother Judy was in the operating room when she passed away at 6 o'clock on Tuesday morning.

"Most organ systems were starting to go into failure," the doctor said at a press conference.
Jonylah's father, Jonathan Watkins, is recovering at Northwestern Memorial Hospital from a gunshot wound to his side and buttocks. He was also grazed in the face.

Watkins, who police say is a known gang member with an extensive criminal history, says he was changing the baby's diaper when someone approached and started shooting. Authorities believe he was the intended target.

So far, no witnesses are cooperating with Chicago police.

Community activist, Andrew Holmes, has been working the streets to help hunt down the killer. He says a lot of questions remain unanswered.

"I really want to know how she sustained 5 injuries," Holmes says. "No disrespect to family, but for a child to sustain these 5 injuries, and if the child was  laying down, the person had to be shooting down inside the van."

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