Wednesday March 13, 2013 Happening Now

We are on Pope smoke watch. 115 cardinals are in conclave to select the new pontiff. No new pope so far. Remember if we see smoke, black is no pope, pure white means there's a new pope! There are two windows today. One began at 4:30am and goes until 7:30am and the next one starts at 11:50 and goes until just after 2pm. Of course we should be prepared just in case in any event. Lauren Green reporting. Shepard Smith is on smoke watch and will be available in the event of news. We also have a panel of guests we can go to at any time.

President Obama meets with the House Republican Conference today..

1200EDT -- Press Briefing by Press Secy Jay Carney. LIVE

New polling from ABC News and the Washington Post suggests President Obama is taking a hit politically from the dysfunction in Washington.

Lots of news on the gun front.

1000EDT -- VPOTUS & Atty Gen Holder holds event to "highlight the urgent need to reduce domestic violence homicides." Montgomery County Exec Office Building Auditorium, Rockville, MD.

Yesterday, a divided Senate Judiciary Committee narrowly approved a gun control bill that would instate nearly universal background checks. The committee also approved funding for school safety measures, and could still consider a ban on assault weapons. The full Senate will get a whack at the legislation later this year.

In Colorado, legislators are expected to send new restrictions on gun control to the Governor later today.

The House Budget Committee is marking up the Paul Ryan budget plan today.

The Senate is considering a CR bill to avoid a government shutdown.

We get retail sales data today for Feb.

Catherine Herridge reporting on the growing threat to national security from cyber attacks and spying.

The Jodi Arias trial resumes in Phoenix.

Jon Scott is playing hero today, and biking from 7am-8am for charity in the Fox News gym! Stay tuned for a peak during the show, and go to to make a donation!

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