Iowa woman finds her birth family through Facebook post

Here’s a Facebook story you’re going to “like.”

Two Iowa women reportedly found out they’re related following a Facebook post about a baby given up for adoption 29 years ago, reports.

"It was just a surreal," said Abbey Donohoe, of Bettenndorf. "Did I really just accidentally find my birth family?"

Paula O'Brien, the woman who wrote the post, had been friends with Donohoe for four years, but neither knew they were actually related.

"When I was a little girl, one of my older brothers and his girlfriend gave a baby up for adoption," O'Brien told the station. "It really had an impact on me and for years, I had hoped to find her."

O’Brien finally made that connection last week with a “chance post” on Facebook.

“I posted something with the birth date, bringing to light that I had a niece out there somewhere, and one of my friends responded,” she said.

Donohoe, whose birthday is also Sept. 19, then compared information and confirmed she is O’Brien’s niece.

"My family had prayed for this for years," O'Brien said. "For 29 years we dreamed of this day and it's here."

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