Tuesday March 12, 2013 Happening Now

115 Cardinals will soon sequester themselves inside the Sistine Chapel as the conclave to elect the next pope gets underway. The first ballots will come as soon as today. Apparently, if it's a quick decision we could know as soon as 12:30pm. That is unlikely. We'll be prepared just in case.

House Republicans are set to unveil their blueprint for a balanced budget within 10 years. Congressman Paul Ryan's plan will likely include the repeal of President Obama's health care overhaul and deep spending cuts.

1030EDT -- House Budget Committee Chair Ryan and Republican members of the Committee announce in a press conference "The Path to Prosperity" a FY2014 budget resolution. The House Budget Committee will consider the FY2014 budget resolution Wednesday in a markup meeting. LIVE

The Senate Judiciary Committee could push through a bill that would expand the requirement for background checks to nearly all gun buyers. It could also ban assault weapons and provide more money for school security. We'll keep an eye on the bill.

A Black Hawk chopper crash in Southern Afghanistan left five U.S. soldiers dead. Enemy action is not suspected thus far.

A judge strikes down NYC Mayor Bloomberg's ban on large sugary drinks. He promises an appeal.

NASA set today to reveal what it found in rock samples taken from the surface of Mars by the rover Curiosity.

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