Monday March 11, 2013 Happening Now

The Presidential charm offensive may be paying some dividends. Guests on the Sunday shows seemed to have a little more optimism about dealings with the President. President Obama has already scheduled several trips this week to meet with leaders from both sides of the aisle. There are more and more rumblings about the possibility of a "grand bargain," on the budget.

Cardinals praying today at the Vatican ahead of tomorrow's Papal conclave. We're watching closely.

North Korea acting crazy again. Today dissolving the 1952 armistice and shutting down a Red Cross hotline to families in South Korea. The U.S. and South Korea are conducting war games today. North Korea is outraged over that and over the U.N. sanctions imposed last week.

Some pretty intense arguments developing in Afghanistan over the weekend. Hamid Karzai accusing the U.S. of working with the Taliban to sew unrest and put pressure on Karzai to allow more coalition troops to stay. Bizarre goings-on as the U.S. continues to escalate the withdrawal.

Japan marking the second anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami and radiation leak that left nearly 19,000 dead.

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