March 8, 2013 Happening Now

Big jobs report due today. We'll get the February jobs report, and we'll use it as a jumping off point for "America's Asking." Let's tease it early and often so we can get some good questions from the audience. Tweet us @happeningnow or @jennaFNC. Analysts are expecting the unemployment rate to drop to 7.8%.

One of Usama bin Laden's sons-in-law will be arraigned in a New York City courtroom today. Sulaiman Abu Ghaith was captured in Jordan. He was a spokesman for Al Qaeda, and had praised the attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001. David Lee Miller is covering.

North Korea keeps saber rattling. Now the crazed dictatorship says it is cancelling its "hotline" and a non-aggression pact with South Korea. As we reported yesterday, the U.N. passed a series of tough new sanctions against North Korea after a nuke test last month. China appears to growing weary of North Korean insanity..

A Nor'easter whacking the Northeast as I write this including Boston and New York City. Molly Line and Janice Dean reporting.

The remains of two Civil War sailors will be buried today at Arlington 150 years after they died. They were killed in the sinking of the U.S.S. Monitor off North Carolina in 1862. The remains were found in 2002 when archeologists raised the turret of the war ship. The Monitor and it's opponent, the CSS Virginia made history as the first iron clad war ships.

New warnings the U.N. may be feeding as many as 2.5 *million* Syrians next month as more and more Syrians are displaced by the civil war raging there.

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