Thursday March 7, 2013 Happening Now

The epic filibuster of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul ended early this morning after more than 12 hours on the Senate floor. Paul wanted to bring attention to the drone policies of the Obama administration and his belief that part of that policy is unconstitutional. He should consider his task achieved!

However, Rand's filibuster didn't stop the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. Expect a vote today.

Several gun control measures working their way through committee in the House. Molly Henneberg catches us up.

President Obama will sign the expanded Violence Against Women Act today to help crack down on domestic violence against women.

The President had dinner with several prominent Senate republicans last night raising hope that there could be a deal on the budget at some point... maybe.

We're just getting word, President Obama has invited Paul Ryan to the White House for lunch today. This could be another sign of a so-called "grand bargain" push by the White House.

North Korea again threatening the United States. The dictatorship is threatening pre-emptive nuclear war against the U.S. as the U.N. prepares a vote to dramatically increase sanctions against North Korea in the wake of its test of nuke. There is a vote at 10am at the U.N. and there's also hearings today on the Hill.

1000EST -- Senate Foreign Relations Cmte holds a hearing on "US Policy Toward N Korea." Special Rep for N Korea Policy Glyn Davies, Tufts Univ dean Stephen Bosworth, Natl Institute for Public Policy sr scholar Robert Joseph, and Intel & Natl Security Alliance pres Joseph DeTrani testify. LIVE


1000EST -- The UN Security Council is scheduled to vote on a US-China draft resolution that would impose some of the strongest sanctions ever ordered by the UN against N Korea as punishment for its latest nuclear test. UNTV COVER

...Amnesty Intl released report late yesterday alleging the N Korea govt of human rights violations related to building of political prisons. They showed new satellite images showing blurring lines between the camps and the surrounding populations.

...US military, with participation of Korean Augmentation to the US Army, hold air assault training course, demonstrating helicopter repelling practice in S Korea. The North has said they will pull out of Korean War armistice if similar exercises continue. AGENCY COVER

Steve Harrigan is reporting live from Caracas, Venezuela on the death of Hugo Chavez.

Conor Powell is reporting on some 20 U.N. peacekeepers kidnapped by a Syrian rebel group.

Parts of New England will be hit with a big winter storm through Friday. Rick Leventhal, Molly Line and Janice Dean reporting. Nearly a quarter of a million people are without power after the storm moved through the nation's midsection.

Jodi Arias -who has admitted killing her boyfriend - is taking questions from the jury! She's back on the stand today at 12:30. The jurors have many, many questions.

A 24-year-old intern is dead in a lion attack in California. We're gathering details.

We'll also check out the latest British invasion.. the so-called "fast diet" craze sweeping Britain and now making inroads here in the U.S., but is it safe?

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