Happening Now LIVE with Regis!

Regis Philbin is our guest today!

Keep an eye on markets one day after a new record high for the Dow.. there's been a series of "good news" stories on the economy, and some are saying they see more hopeful signs.. Japan's Nikkei is up 2% today. It's nice to hear some good news once in a while!

Big hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee.. AG Eric Holder testifying.. anything could come up including "fast and furious."

Weather a big story with a major series of storms slamming many states. Hundreds of flights cancelled. DC could get 3-7 inches. Doocy, McElway, Steve Centanni, Maria Molina and Janice Dean reporting.

Jurors in the Jodi Arias murder trial will get to pose their own questions to defendant Jodi Arias (who's admitted killing her boyfriend). It's highly unusual. We'll talk to a panel about it.

Molly Line reporting on a controversial program in MA that sent so-called "fat letters," home with students.

William La Jeunesse reporting on an ambitious plan to ditch Nebraska's income and property tax that has been derailed by special interests.

Jim Angle looks at the cost of entitlements.

An unhappy milestone in Syria where there are now a million refugees from the civil war.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is dead. Seven days of mourning in Venezuela. Adam Housley and Steve Harrigan reporting.

The U.S. is warning Iran of "further isolation," over its nuke program.

North Korea may be getting close to conducting military drills.. imposing a "no flight" area off its coasts. Stay tuned.

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