Tuesday March 5, 2013 Happening Now

Big snowstorm moving across the nation right now. Parts of the Dakotas and Minnesota already hit. The storms are now taking aim at Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. That snow and rain will eventually impact the East Coast including Washington DC, and New York City.

There's growing criticism of President Obama's "Organizing for Action" special interest group. The President turned "Obama for America" into the group to push for action on the President's agenda. But critics say the group is offering big donors access to the President. Jay Carney dismissed the criticisms yesterday saying there is no pay for access. Carl Cameron reports.

Carney briefs reporters at 12:45.

President Obama heads for Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda today.

Lots happening In Congress today including hearings on government spending, waste and North Korea.

The U.N. is close to a vote on more sanctions against North Korea after its latest nuke test.

This as North Korea is warning it will cancel the Korean war cease fire if sanctions and military drills continue.. good topic for Gen Jack Keane today.

Congressional republicans are reportedly working on legislation to ease some of the effects of the sequester budget cuts. There is also work to head off a government shutdown on March 27th.

A Senate committee is expected to vote on John Brennan as CIA head today.

Some fascinating new Fox News polling we should weave into the show today.. including data that a majority support the use of drones, most favor strengthening the borders, and a large majority want to build the Keystone Pipeline.

As you guys reported yesterday, VP Joe Biden made some strong statements about potential military action against Iran. He says the President isn't bluffing about using military force to stop the Iranians from getting a nuke.

Venezuela leader Hugo Chavez has a secondary infection, and his condition said to be very delicate.

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