Authorities say seven California siblings were found safe by an FBI task force at their estranged biological father's home after vanishing five days ago. 

Police identified the children as 12-year-old Chee Yang, 11-year-old Cha Yang, 10-year-old Zia Yang, 8-year-old Chue Yang, 7-year-old Zang Yang, 6-year-old Tria Yang and 5-year-old Tou Yang.

Officials tell KMPH that the Fresno and Sacramento Police Departments are investigating if any crime was committed by the children's father, Xa Yang.

The children vanished Sunday from the Fresno apartment where they were living with their mother and stepfather. Their mother, who is blind, and stepfather told authorities they left the oldest child in charge while they went to the store.

A neighbor told KMPH that there were rumors Yang, who had been estranged from the children for three years, wanted custody.

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"Apparently there were some messages that were sent to the biological dad that they were being abused, so that's why he probably came and took them," Chan Vang told KMPH. 

Police tell KMPH Yang may not have broken any laws because there is no court case restricting him from seeing his children.

Anyone with information about the children or Yang is asked to call detective Josh Mendizabal at (559) 621-2499 or (559) 621-7000.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.