Tuesday February 26, 2013 Happening Now

Another person has died in severe weather impacting a big chunk of the country. One person died after heavy snow collapsed a roof in Oklahoma. There are many roofs caving in under the heavy weight of relentless snow. Another is dead in one of the many car accidents being blamed on severe weather. Parts of Texas saw hurricane strength winds, heavy snow and power outages. Oklahoma and Kansas also being smashed. 15 inches of snow forecast for parts of Missouri. There are also tornado watches in effect for parts of the South. Keep an eye on those wires. Mike Tobin reporting from Kansas City. Maria Molina tells us where it's all headed.

President Obama will meet with Senators McCain and Graham today on the looming sequester. He'll also head to Newport News to talk about the impact on shipbuilding and the Navy from sequestration cuts. Republicans are criticizing the President for leaving Washington instead of working on a solution. There's also been criticism the President has been using the armed services as props in his budget battle with the GOP.

The countdown to across the board cuts continues.

1150EST -- Air Force One arrives Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA. WAVY LIVE / POOL TAPE

TBA EST -- Motorcade arrives Huntington Ingalls Industries and POTUS proceeds to private time.

1305EST -- POTUS makes remarks regarding the sequester. Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, VA. LIVE

A very divided Senate is due to take up two controversial Presidential nominations today. Chuck Hagel for defense secretary gets a vote in the Senate. Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary gets a vote in the Senate Finance Committee.

The State Department is investigating the disappearance of two U.S. citizens on a hiking trip in Peru. The family is very worried. The pair hasn't been seen since mid-February.

There was a horrific hot air balloon accident over the skies of Egypt. At least 18 are dead - all foreign tourists. Three people survived including the Egyptian pilot.

Catherine Herridge is reporting on Al Qaeda in the U.S. and homegrown terror in America.

World powers meeting with Iran for the fourth time today on its nuke program.. Most analysts are not hopeful.

A man who made a big impression as surgeon general has died. C Everett Koop was 96 years old. He was known as "America's family doctor," and fought hard against smoking and became an outspoken advocate for AIDS/HIV victims. He was 96.

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