Monday February 25, 2013 Happening Now

It's less than a week until the so-called sequester cuts begin kicking in.. there is a ton of sound on the country's financial troubles and what these cuts will and won't do from the Sunday shows. Remember, some are suggesting these allegedly drastic cuts *should* go into affect.. to begin the process of chipping away at our debt and deficits.

President Obama and VP Biden are going to speak to the National Governor's Association today from the State Dining Room. (not during AN, but something to be awaiting). The President trying to turn up the heat on Congress which doesn't seem inclined to do much to prevent the sequester.

1105EST -- POTUS & VPOTUS deliver remarks to the Natl Govs Assoc. FLOTUS and Dr. Biden also deliver remarks. State Dining Room. POOL LIVE

Stu Varney will join us on what appears to be a stalling economy. Economists now predicting 2% economic growth this year, and 2.8% next year..

The brother of Oscar Pistorius is facing a homicide charge himself. Greg Palkot on this story that seems to get weirder by the day.

Casey Stegall covering a lawsuit against BP.

New Secretary of State John Kerry is in England today participating in a meet and greet at the embassy in London at 9:40.

Another blizzard expected to whack hard hit Kansas and other parts of the central plains.

2 earthquakes rattling nerves in Japan.

Israel says it has successfully tested a new defensive system called the Arrow anti-missile system in a joint test with the U.S.

Lots of winners at last night's Oscars. "Argo" got Best Picture. Daniel Day Lewis won best actor for "Lincoln," Jennifer Lawrence took top Actress for "Silver Linings Playbook."

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