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Woman can't press charges after neighbor shoots, kills 2 dogs


Argus and Fiona were Bernese mountain dogs, which are bred to be herding animals. (

Police told a Pennsylvania woman that she cannot press charges after her neighbor shot and killed her two dogs when they wandered onto his property.

Two Bernese mountain dogs reportedly got past a hole in their owners’ backyard fence and were drawn to a neighbor’s property with sheep, reported.

The neighbor reportedly thought the dogs were a threat and opened fire, killing the male first, and then the female. Under Pennsylvania state law, a homeowner is allowed to shoot animals that are pursuing his or her livestock.

"He fired no warning, he didn't yell, he didn’t make any phone calls, he didn't do anything," Mary Bock, the dogs’ owner told

Argus and Fiona, were gentle, according to Bock, considered puppies, a timid breed and bred to herd. Bock also said both dogs were wearing identification tags.

Police now say they have received information that may change the nature of the case, but were not able to comment to

Bock said her five children are now afraid to go near their neighbor’s property.

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