Thursday February 21, 2013 Happening Now

A major storm slamming the Midwest today.. winter storm warnings posted from Colorado to Illinois. Already snow, thunder snow, rain, winds and lightning slamming parts of the country. Janice Dean, Mike Tobin and Claudia Cowan reporting.

Five are dead in a plane crash in Georgia.

We get weekly jobless numbers today as well as reads on existing home sales and some other economic figures.

VP Joe Biden is speaking before a conference on gun violence in Connecticut.

...0900EST -- Gun violence panel begins in CT, where VP Biden will speak later in the day. Western CT State Univ, Danbury, CT. WTIC LIVE

1200EST -- VPOTUS delivers remarks at a conference on gun violence hosted by Sens Blumenthal and Murphy, and Rep Esty at Western CT State Univ. Danbury, CT. WTIC LIVE

Jennifer Griffin takes a look at possible defense cuts due to "sequestration."

President Obama is reportedly weighing stepping in on gay marriage at the Supreme Court. The administration has a week to file a "friend of the court" brief with the justices on Prop 8.. California's ban on gay marriage.

We're also watching several big court cases again today:

Jodi Arias is back on the stand in her own defense.. we'll hear more about her boyfriend's death today. She's accused of stabbing him at least 27 times. She says it was "self defense."

It's Day 3 of the Drew Peterson sentencing hearing.. he's facing 60 years for the murder of his third wife. We're likely to get a decision today.

Strange twist in the Pistorius case. The "blade runner" Olympian has another day of a bail hearing including closing arguments by defense and prosecution. Pistorius is accused of killing his model girlfriend in his home. Now we've learned the officer leading the investigation into Pistorius is facing attempted murder charges of his own. Amy Kellogg and Greg Palkot reporting.

A car bomb was behind a large explosion that hit Syria's capital of Damascus.. near the headquarters of the ruling party and the Russian Embassy. Activists say more than two dozen are dead.

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