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Florida man says he was shot in leg due to unleashed dog

A Florida man was shot in the leg Wednesday by a driver who was apparently upset that his golden retriever walked out onto the road, The Tampa Bay Times reported.

Peter Harbachuk, 46, told the paper that he was walking his 4-year-old dog near their St. Petersburg home when Bella managed to wiggle out of her leash and ran in front of a pickup truck.

A woman got out of the truck and yelled at Harbachuk about the dog, the report said. Harbachuk told her to get back inside the truck. Then a man stepped out. He trained a gun at Harbachuk’s head, the report said.

"I said, 'Hey, this doesn’t have to go down like this,"' he told the paper. The shooter lowered the gun, closed his eyes and fired, the report said.

The bullet went through Harbachuk’s leg and he was treated at a local hospital and released. 

"This could've been anyone. It could've been my wife," he told the Times. "It could have been just any person walking down the street."

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