Happy Valentine's Day!

President Obama is heading to Georgia to push an expansion of preschool programs and save Head State from budget cuts.

1130EST -- Air Force One arrives arrives Dobbins Air Reserve Base. Decatur, GA. WAGA COVER / POOL TAPE

1210EST -- POTUS visits a pre-kindergarten classroom at College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center. Decatur, GA. POOL TAPE

Senate Republicans may try to delay a full vote on Chuck Hagel to be defense secretary.

Carl Cameron is reporting on the politics of sequestration.. as alarm bells are being rung on Capitol Hill about automatic cuts to many programs.

Speaker Boehner could make news in his weekly briefing today:

1115EST -- Speaker Boehner holds weekly press briefing. LIVE

That giant disabled cruise ship "The Carnival Triumph" is expected to limp into Mobile, Alabama this afternoon. The ship lost power last weekend and passengers are describing deplorable conditions onboard. We'll take a look at the legal implications. Jonathan Serrie reports.

Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been charged with murder after his 29-year-old model girlfriend was shot dead in his home in South Africa. He's the double-amputee known as the "Blade Runner."

William LaJeunesse has an update on the cop killer Christopher Dorner.

Weekly jobless claims #'s out today. Our small business spotlight has a "Valentine's Day" twist.

American Airlines and U.S. Airways are merging. We'll get into what it means to routes and your pocketbook. Casey Stegall reports.

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