Wednesday February 13, 2013 Happening Now

President Obama gave a "State of the Union" speech last night to a joint session of Congress. The President focused much of the address on domestic issues including immigration reform, gun control, voting rights, and education. He urged new spending, but said none of his ideas would add to the deficit. The President also went after North Korea saying the rogue nation's latest nuke test was among a list of "provocations." The President said he'd signed an executive order to begin to tackle the nation's susceptibility to cyber attack (Catherine Herridge reports). President Obama also laid out plans to end the war in Afghanistan, and said he might act via executive order on global warming.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida gave the GOP response. Rubio laid out the tough economic conditions the country faces including unfunded entitlement programs, high unemployment and debt. He says the President needs to "abandon his obsession with taxes." Carl Cameron reporting.

Today during "Happening Now," President Obama tours a manufacturer in Arden, NC and then will give a speech on the economy.

1110 Air Force One arrives Asheville Regional Airport (TVL POOL TAPE/TBD AFFIL COVG)

1135 The President tours Linamar North Carolina Factory - Arden, NC (TVL POOL TAPE)

1200 The President delivers remarks to workers at the Linamar Factory - Arden, NC (POOL LIVE)

Lots going on on Capitol Hill today.

There are hearings on immigration reform, the confirmation of Jack Lew to be Treasury Secretary and on the crisis at the U.S. Postal Service.

0930EST -- Senate Judiciary Cmte holds the first Senate hearing on Immigration Reform.

1000EST -- Senate Finance Cmte holds confirmation hearing on Jack Lew's nomination to be Treasury Secy.

1000EST -- Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Cmte holds hearing titled "Solutions to the Crisis Facing the US Postal Service".

There was a dramatic end to the saga of murdering former police officer Christopher Dorner last night. Investigators found the charred remains of who they believe to be Dorner in a burnt out cabin in the mountains not far from L.A. That cabin burned to the ground live on national television after a gunfight with police who had the cabin surrounded. Dorner reportedly killed a deputy in one of the shootouts. Alicia Acuna, Adam Housley and William La Jeunesse reporting.

Iran says today it has installed, and is now running a new generation of uranium enrichment centrifuges as it's Natanz nuke plant.

North Korea's neighbors are increasing military preparations and pouring over intel on the nuclear test conducted by Pyongyang yesterday.

Pope Benedict XVI made his first public appearance today after shocking the world with his resignation. The Pope walked into a packed public audience hall at Saint Peter's Basilica and got a standing ovation. He says his resignation is "for the good of the church." Amy Kellogg, Lauren Green and Shepard Smith are reporting for us.

Casey Stegall has the disgusting story of the disabled cruise ship limping to the United States via tugboat. I won't disturb you with the details of what no power and lack of bathrooms is like, but you can imagine.

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