#NYFW Chado Ralph Rucci Fall 2013 Collection - Fur, color, leather and ladies

Gorgeous collection last night at Chado Ralph Rucci. In fact, he got a standing ovation at the end.

Fall 2013 showed a masterful use of color once again - something that's been sorely missing from many collections.

Among the best audience responses was when Rucci sent a quick procession of brightly colored mink coats down the runway.

In fact, color was a big component of the presentation. Rucci honed in especially on shades of purple, but there was a masterful use of color.

There was a good mix of materials too. Rucci used leather, cashmere, silk faille, sable and even what one insider insisted was skunk!

And check out the hair.. bringing new meaning to the phrase "hair helmet," but in a good way.

It was a packed crowd. Among the celebrities were Sandra Bernhard and man-about-town Patrick McDonald. The crowd was packed with ladies-who-lunch too.

It was a great show and a relief from the heaviness of many of this season's collections.

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