New York Fashion Week: Victor de Souza Fall 2013

Went to see the Victor de Souza show last night at the Strand Hotel in New York City.The collection was called "Le Carnival du Destin."

The Argentina-born designer put on quite a show. There were interesting mixes of fabrics and colors.. and some super short tailoring.

Colors were cool and on trend including soft pinks, burgundies, and even bright yellow. It was refreshing to see so much color in a season that's been uber cool.

Many in the audience liked the gloves. Some of the hair was done in dramatic pony tails.. there were also some circus-inspired headgear. Cool stuff, and skirts lengths a lot of women would like.

#NYFW @ClintPHenderson

Clint Henderson is the Executive Producer for “Happening Now” and an avid traveler. Follow his adventures on Twitter, ClintPHenderson, and Instagram, clintpage1.