Friday February 8, 2013 Happening Now

Big storm due to slam the Northeast. Blizzard warning in effect from New York City up the coast to Maine. Forecasters saying most residents should be indoors by 3pm today. Officials in Boston are warning residents to fill bathtubs with water and to be stocked up on groceries. Flights are being cancelled by the hundreds, train service is being curtailed and schools and some businesses are already closing. As Rachel and Donovan reported, long gas lines have been seen throughout the tri-state area.

The massive manhunt for a disgruntled former cop continues in California. Christopher Dorner has promised warfare against the police and their families. Dorner's burnt-out truck was discovered in Big Bear Lake - about 80 miles from L.A. Dominica Di-Natale is in Big Bear Lake, William La Jeunesse reports from L.A.

Some interesting new polling from both Quinnipiac and from Fox News to talk about.

People are really freaking out now about the impact of the sequester which we discussed in depth yesterday. Jennifer Griffin has fresh reporting for us.

We've got some good guests today including Ben Stein who will help us re-introduce "The Hot Seat!"

Fashion week under way in New York City. I got to hit a show last night which i'll write about a little later.. we'll see if the storm forces any shows to be cancelled.

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