Thursday February 7, 2013 Happening Now

National security and the Senate on a collision course today.

President Obama's pick to head the CIA John Brennan faces the Senate Intelligence Committee today.. just hours after lawmakers will receive a classified report on America's drone program. President Obama authorized the intel briefing late yesterday in response to criticism from both sides of the aisle about leaked word of the so-called white paper on targeting alleged American terrorists overseas. Brennan helped run the drone program and was likely to have faced blistering questioning on the controversial program. We'll see if the Congressional briefing tempers criticism.

Also on the hill today, the Senate Armed Services Committee will hold hearings on the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya that left 4 Americans dead. Jennifer Griffin and Adam Housley reporting.


1000EST -- Senate Armed Services Cmte hearing on the Defense Dept response to the attack on US facilities in Benghazi, Libya, and the findings of its internal review following the attack. Secy Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chair Gen Martin Dempsey testify. LIVE / LIVE & FNC TAPE STAKEOUT

Speaking of Panetta, the outgoing Defense Secretary gave a parting speech yesterday that's making a lot of headlines. He gave an emotionally charged attack on sequester cuts that could go into effect in March. He also gave a stark warning about the scale and scope of cyber attacks saying they could cripple the U.S.

President Obama is giving the keynote address at a House Democrats Iissues retreat.. we'll be monitoring for news.

New England getting ready for a major storm including New York City and Boston. Latest forecasts suggest the Northeast will be hit by snow, rain and high winds. Some models suggest two feet or more in Boston! Janice Dean and Rick Reichmuth are all over it.

We get weekly jobless numbers today.

Iran's Supreme Leader is rejecting direct talks with the United States over its nuclear program (or anything). The possibility of direct talks had been floated, but Ayatollah Ali Khamenei apparently said ‘no.' Six part talks expected to resume later this month because we all know how productive they've been.. not!

Fighting is spiking in Damascus, Syria as rebels try to break a stalemate in the ongoing civil war. 800,000 have fled the fighting in the war torn nation and are now refugees. Greg Palkot reports.

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