Tuesday February 5, 2013 Happening Now

As you've no doubt heard, law enforcement have rescued a five year old boy from a deranged kidnapper in Alabama. They stormed a bunker where Jimmy Lee Dykes had holed up since kidnapping the boy (who turns six tomorrow). Police killed Dykes in the rescue after becoming concerned by his mental state. The boy is said to be doing fine.

Immigration takes center stage today in Washington. President Obama is meeting with labor leaders and others to discuss immigration reform. Meantime, the House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on our immigration system, and a bipartisan group expected to craft a bill on immigration reform.

1015EST -- House Judiciary Cmte holds hearing on "America's Immigration System: Opportunities for Legal Immigration and Enforcement of Laws against Illegal Immigration." LIVE

The Senate approved legislation that includes $1.1B to improve security at U.S. embassies around the world.

NBC News has uncovered a Justice Department memo on killing Americans overseas with drone strikes. It reportedly authorizes the strikes if the Americans are "operational leaders of Al Qaeda or an associated terror group." Expect it to come up when CIA director nominee John Brennan gets a hearing in the Senate this week.

Jodi Arias expected to take the stand again today in the stabbing and shooting murder of her lover. The 32-year-old admitted to the killing on the stand yesterday, but claims it was in self defense. She told the jury she was planning on suicide after the murder.

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