Monday February 4, 2013 Happening Now

Everyone's talking today about the Superbowl. Ravens beat the 49ers despite a strong comeback in the second half by the Niners..but not before a strange blackout caused a 30 minute delay.

President Obama hits the road today.. pushing new measures to crack down on gun violence. He'll be in Minnesota today pushing a ban on assault weapons and universal background checks.

There was a terrible bus crash in CA that left at least 8 dead.

Newly sworn in Secy of State John Kerry formally introduces himself at the State Dept.

New airstrikes today by the French in Mali.

A top Iranian official warning Israel over its attacks on Syria. Israel says its defending itself against Hezbollah. The New York Times reporting Israel was actually targeting a research center on biological and chemical weapons. This as Iran continues to inch closer to nuclear weapons.

War games today between South Korea and the U.S. as fears grow that North Korea getting ready to test another rocket.

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