Former Navy SEAL enlisting female military veterans to work as nannies in NYC

Gi Jane is coming to a family apartment near you.

Prompted by the Upper West Side slayings of two children by their nanny, a former Navy SEAL has started a company offering to match hypervigilant parents with the ultimate in protection — female military veterans as caregivers.

“That family even went down to the Dominican Republic thinking they were screening the nanny, but they didn’t really know who she was,” Tactical Nanny creator Jonathan Gilliam said of Marina and Kevin Krim, who lost two of their young children in the horrible attack last year.

“We’re not just offering another nanny service. These women have a proven track record. They’re veterans protecting the future of the USA,” said Gilliam, 43.

The former lieutenant — who once served in the Navy's special operations force, the division that took out Osama bin Laden — said his veteran workers can change diapers as easily as they can reload a semiautomatic.

But they’re also trained to protect people — in this case, kids — with their own lives, he said.

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