Friday January 25, 2013 Happening Now

Vice President Joe Biden goes on the road today to Virginia.. pushing new gun control laws.


1100EST -- VPOTUS, DHS Secy Napolitano, HHS Secy Sebelius, Deputy Atty Gen Cole, and other admin officials hold roundtable event on gun safety. Sen Kaine and Rep Bobby Scott also attend. VA Commonwealth Univ, Richmond, VA. POOL TAPE of opening statements

House Republicans turning up the pressure on the Senate to pass a budget. Mike Emanuel reports.

The Senate changed its rules (slightly) to make filibusters slightly less common.

The deep freeze apart much of the nation dominating headlines again today. It's all due to an arctic blast from the North.. David Lee Miller is reporting.

States that reject parts of President Obama's health care laws could find themselves in an awkward position -according to the Associated Press. AP says some states that turn down expanded Medicaid could end up denying coverage to citizens while illegal immigrants get covered. Smokers could also be frozen out of health care coverage..

North Korea is threatening war with South Korea over sanctions imposed by the U.N. The unstable North Koreans also threatening the United States.. we'll talk with a guest.

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