A U.S. army veteran who uses a wheelchair confronted a burglar with a pistol, scaring the intruder away from his home.

Mark Sikes of Bogart, Georgia, tells MyFoxAtlanta.com that he was watching TV when he heard a noise at his door and saw a man appear in his hallway.

"I reached and got the gun out of my drawer and kind of raised it up," Sikes said. "He took off and ran out the front door."

Sikes, who served as a military police officer in Korea, says he's keeping his 9mm pistol close by following the attempted burglary, MyFoxAtlanta.com reports.

He hopes the close encounter serves as a warning sign for the would-be burglar.

"Find something else to do besides try to rob people because you came real close to losing your life yesterday," Sikes tells MyFoxAtlanta.com.

Police in Athens-Clarke County are searching for the suspect, who Sikes said was dressed in black and may have had a car waiting for him.

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