Wednesday January 23, 2013 Happening Now

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies before both the Senate and the House of Reps today. It will dominate our coverage today. Our show being sandwiched between the two Congressional hearings.

0900EST -- Senate Foreign Relations Cmte holds hearing on the continuing examination of the Sept 11th attacks against the US mission in Benghazi. Secy Clinton testifies. LIVE

1400EST -- House Foreign Relations Cmte holds hearing on the Sept 11, 2012 terrorist attack on US diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya. Secy Clinton testifies. LIVE

Wendell Goler, Doug McKelway, Mike Emanuel and Catherine Herridge reporting.

The House is also expected today to work on extending the debt ceiling until the Senate can work on a budget. Carl Cameron reporting on that. Some Senators proposing passage of a "No Budge, No Pay" act that would require Congress to pass a budget in order to get paychecks.

The Senate also announcing it will hold hearings into the troubles Boeing has had with the Dreamliner. As Jon Scott points out, it's beginning to resemble the theater of the absurd on Capitol Hill.

Casey Stegall is following up on that shooting at Lone Star College in Houston.

The East coast and Midwest remain in a deep freeze (as we well know!). It's day 4 of the frigid temps for folks in the middle of the country. Cold will continue through the weekend for most.

The United States has begun helping transport French troops and supplies into the terror haven of Mali. The operation is expected to continue for two weeks.

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants the British to vote on the possibility of leaving the European Union. Unhappiness with the Union is at an all-time high.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being forced to cobble together a new coalition government after a tough vote... the final outcome still unclear

The North Koreans are again threatening the world community after the U.N. Security Council condemned it's rocket launch last month.

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