Tuesday January 22, 2012 Happening Now

President Obama inaugurated to a second term yesterday in a speech that the New York Times characterizes as offering a liberal vision for the country including calls for action on global warming, gun control, immigration reform and full rights for gay and lesbian Americans. The President also defending the role of government and standing firm behind entitlement programs. Republicans found much to dislike.

President Obama and the First Lady will attend the National Prayer Service this morning at the Washington National Cathedral.

1020EST -- Motorcade departs White House en route Washington Natl Cathedral.

1030EST -- Motorcade arrives Washington Natl Cathedral.

1035EST -- POTUS, FLOTUS, VPOTUS & Dr. Biden attend the Natl Prayer Service. LIVE

1205EST -- Motorcade departs Washington Natl Cathedral.

1215EST -- Motorcade arrives White House.

There is also another inaugural ball tonight.

The House of Reps moved to extend government borrowing through May. Republicans are going to grant a temporary extension on the debt ceiling to avoid a price political fight.. until May.. *if* the Dems agree to work on a budget..

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify tomorrow about the terror attack on U.S. missions in Benghazi, Libya. Jennifer Griffin reporting.

We're getting the final numbers on the terror attack on that BP facility in Algeria. 37 foreign workers were killed including 3 Americans. 7 Americans made it out safely. 29 terrorists were killed. 3 were captured. Greg Palkot is reporting.

In Mali, French troops helped the government retake a terrorist -run town. 1000 French troops are now in the central African country.

Israelis head to the polls today. Benjamin Netanyahu expected to remain head of the government.

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