Thursday January 17, 2013 Happening Now

Let's start with the story everyone is talking about today. The strange tale of Manti T'eo. The college football star for Notre Dame got a lot of attention after a story came to light that his beloved grandmother died within six hours of his "girlfriend." Turns out though, that girlfriend never existed.

Meantime, disgraced cycling star Lance Armstrong's confessional interview with Oprah Winfrey airs today. Tough week in the world of sports.

Several of the hostages being held by Al Qaeda terrorists in Algeria have escaped. You'll remember as many as 41 energy workers in Algeria at a BP facility were kidnapped supposedly in retaliation for French attacks on terrorists in Mali. Detail as we get them.

President Obama's big push on gun control meeting stiff resistance. It's unclear that Congress will act in any meaningful way.

The FAA has now grounded all 787 Dreamliners in the wake of battery fires. The EU has followed suit. It's bad news for Boeing, but may give them a chance to fix the problems associated with the new line of plane.

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