A children's book of life rules with simple admonitions such as don't talk back and eat the food you are served has been returned to its young authors after it was found in the parking lot of a California big box store.

The book was discovered by 20-year-old employee Raymond Flores, who met with 10-year-old Isabelle Busath and 8-year-old Isabella Thordsen on Wednesday at a Sacramento-area home.

Flores told the Sacramento Bee the two cousins wrote the 157 numbered rules because they wanted children at school to follow them.

"Don't get into other people's business. Don't call each other names. Clean up your messes. No eating other people's food. One hundred eighteen is don't keep saying please if someone says no," Flores said. "I like that."

Other rules listed in the book included: "Ware [sic] your seatbelt," "Resicle [sic]," and "Put your shoes by the front door when you take them off."

Flores found the book adorable and contacted news stations after discovering it. He learned the identity of the two authors through one of the stations.

The Associated Press contributed to this report