Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Happening Now

President Obama will unveil his sweeping new proposals on gun control today during our hours.

Among the recommendations expected to be included are a ban on assault weapons and new limits on ammunition magazines. The plan also reportedly calls for new education and mental health resources. The President could also issue more than a dozen executive orders. Stay tuned.

1155EST -- POTUS & VPOTUS hold event to announce the administration's proposals to reduce gun violence. LIVE

There's been another incident with the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A 787 by All Nippon Airways had to make an emergency landing in western Japan. Japan has now grounded all 787's for safety checks.

A helicopter has crashed in London after reportedly hitting a construction crane. Two are dead.

New details emerging in the Lance Armstrong doping story. Former teammates paint a pretty ugly picture.. including the use of so-called "blood doping." He is in some serious legal trouble.

Bad news for those of us who take energy drinks. A new study suggests hospitalizations from the drinks have doubled as they've surged in popularity.