Tuesday January 15, 2013 Happening Now

Lance Armstrong.. Hero to zero?

The seven-time Tour de France winner (he's been stripped of those titles) admitting to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance enhancing drugs for years including during competitions. He also says he began doping in the 90's before he got cancer. He also apologized to the staff of his Livestrong charity organization.

New York state getting close to a vote to pass wide-ranging gun control legislation. Last night, the NY state Senate passed what would be the toughest gun control legislation in the nation. The state Assembly could pass it today.

Meantime, comprehensive gun control is looking less and less likely in the U.S. Congress. Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid now saying he's looking for "comprehensive" solutions, but that an assault weapons ban couldn't pass in the House. President Obama expected to announce what he's looking for soon. His reportedly considering 19 steps he could take *without* congressional action. That would no doubt be very controversial.

Carl Cameron reporting today on a school district in Butler, PA where the superintendent is working to put armed guards in the school.

The House is working on the delayed Superstorm Sandy aid package. Northeastern lawmakers hoping to push through the nearly 51 billion dollar aid package.

The House is also reading the entire U.S. Constitution on the floor today. It's expected to take about two hours. We'll dip in.

The President's choice for Defense Secretary - Chuck Hagel - is beginning meetings with dozens of Senators trying to win enough support to be confirmed.

Rhode Island's state legislature is debating gay marriage. The state could vote to allow gay marriage by month's end.

The U.S. is getting involved military in Mali. The African nation is home to several Al Qaeda safe havens, and the French are putting boots on the ground there. French special forces conducted an all-night bombing campaign in a town called Diabaly.

Finally, just for Jon Scott, Lindsay Lohan back in court today over lying to police about a traffic accident back in June.

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