Monday January 14, 2013 Happening Now

Vice President Joe Biden will meet with members of the House today on gun violence. Secretaries Sebelius and Napolitano and Attorny General Eric Holder will also attend. Biden is expected to report his recommendations on curbing gun violence to the President tomorrow.

Steve Brown reporting on gun efforts in Illinois (remember Chicago's murder rate!) William La Jeunesse looks at the run on guns and ammo around the country.

The NRA says it has enough votes to block any ban on assault weapons that may be voted on in Congress. Some want more resources to deal with mental illness.

Mike Emanuel is covering preps for the President's second inauguration.

There are widespread reports of shortages of the flu vaccine as the flu continues to spread and intensify.

We are awaiting a verdict today in the murder trial of a boy who allegedly killed his abusive neo-Nazi father. The suspect is now 12, but was just 10 when he allegedly killed

It's the second anniversary of the Arab Spring. Leland Vittert reporting.

It was an especially bloody weekend in the Syrian civil war.

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