Thursday January 10, 2013 Happening Now

Busy day at the White House. President Obama will nominated

Jack Lew to replace Timothy Geitner as Secretary of Treasury.

1330EST -- POTUS will announce the nomination of Jack Lew

to be Secy of the Treasury. East Room. LIVE

Vice President Biden continues his meetings on gun control.

This morning he meets with advocates for hunters, sports shooters, and wildlife

interest groups. This afternoon it's gun

owner's groups including the NRA. This evening it's reps from the entertainment


California among the states pushing new anti-gun legislation.

Claudia Cowan reporting.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta meeting with Afghanistan

President Hamid Karzai at the Pentagon this morning. We will get tape playout.

Just to add to our scary reporting on the rapid spread of

all sorts of horrible illnesses. More and more states are reporting being

inundated with flu victims. It's bad, and getting worse this year. We've also

learned 10% of the current flu strain out there is *not* part of the flu

vaccine. In Boston, 18 are dead from flu. Molly Line reporting.

We could hear from the judge today after the preliminary

hearing for Colorado massacre suspect James Holmes wrapped up. The judge will

rule on if there's enough evidence to go to trial (or we could get word of a

plea deal.)

Oscar nominations out this morning. "Lincoln," "Zero Dark

Thirty," and "Argo" among others expected to get nods.

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