Tuesday January 8, 2012 Happening Now

The only suspect in custody over the murder of our diplomats in Libya has been released. The lawyer for Tunisian suspect Ali Harzi says he's been released due to lack of evidence.

Debt ceiling debate continues to rage in Washington.. the countdown is on to when some kind of a deal is needed.. and so far neither side showing much willingness to get a deal.

Hillary Clinton back at work at State.. we'll monitor for news.

Chuck Hagel officially picked by President Obama yesterday for Defense Secretary, and John Brennan for CIA head. There will be a fight over Hagel's nomination in the Senate. Brennan looks a little safer.

The preliminary hearing for Colorado massacre suspect James Holmes back underway today. Holmes seemed to show no emotion as gruesome testimony was heard. Holmes is accused of killing 12 and wounding dozens in a movie theater massacre in July.

The man accused of murdering seven people at a Christian college in April in Northern California, One Goh, was declared mentally unfit for trial. He'll be back in court at the end of the month.

Prosecutors rested their case against a 12-year-old suspected of killing his abusive neo-Nazi father. Defense lawyers say the boy (who was just 10 at the time of the murder) may testify in his own behalf.

The U.N. says a million Syrians are starving as the civil war there drags on. They also say there's nothing the world can do because of the dangerous conditions in the war-torn nation.

Pakistan says a U.S. drone strike near the border with Afghanistan has killed eight militants. It's the fourth so far in the new year. Catherine Herridge is looking at the drone campaign that's been expanded under the Obama Administration.

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