President Obama will nominated former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel to be the next secretary of defense. The pick is somewhat controversial, and Senators from both sides of the aisle have expressed some misgivings. Nothing on the WH schedule today so far.. but it could happen as soon as today.

We're also expecting the President to announce counter-terror advisor John Brennan to be the new head of the CIA.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expected back at work today after being hospitalized with a blot clot in the head. Remember Senator John Kerry was already picked as her replacement by President Obama (though he still has to be confirmed).

President Obama signed a bill into law that increases the borrowing authority of FEMA. It's worth about $9.7 billion for Sandy victims. Another $51 billion bill to be voted on January 15th.

Suspected Aurora massacre suspect James Holmes has a preliminary hearing today. He faces more than 160 counts in the murder of 12 people and wounding of dozens in that theater shooting last year.

The trial of a 12-year-old accused of killing his neo-Nazi father also resumes today in Southern California. Nazi leader Jeffrey Hall was shot and killed in May of 2011.

Terror suspect Abid Naseer will be arraigned today in Brooklyn. He was extradited from Britain for allegedly plotting to blow up subway cars for Al Qaeda in New York City and for other planned attacks.

A grounded Shell oil platform has been re-floated in Alaskan waters. No sign so far of a hull breach. Good news for the coast of Alaska.

Google's Eric Schmidt is in North Korea on some kind of humanitarian mission. Greg Palkot reporting.

Syrian dictator Bashir Assad addressed the Syrian people last night.. proposing a "peace deal," that would keep him in power. It's being dismissed as delusional as he continues to murder his own people. Leland Vittert reporting.

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