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Florida man accused of hate crime turned into police by own mother

A Florida man accused of a hate crime is under arrest after his mother turned him in to police.

Daniel Quinnell is allegedly seen on a Walmart surveillance video firing a pellet gun into the face of another man, reports.


After the video was released, his mother turned the 25-year-old in to authorities.

The alleged victim, Cameron Mohammed told that he was walking with his girlfriend when Quinnell approached him.

Investigators say Quinnell reportedly asked Mohammed if he’s Muslim or Middle Eastern, and when he answered no, Quinnell said a racial slur and grabbed the pellet gun.
Quinnell allegedly fired off twenty rounds.

Mohammed told that he was also carrying a gun, but he did not pull it out.

Quinell, who has admitted to the crime, told police at the time of his arrested that he was "lonely," and "having a bad night."

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