New Congress today. The 113th. Same old trouble. Look to see if Speaker John Boehner survives as Speaker. Outrage growing over Sandy funding.

Couple of live events we should build:

1130EST -- Sen Kirk returns to Congress 1 yr after suffering an ischemic stroke and commemorates his return by walking up the Senate steps. LIVE via LiveU

1200EST -- VP Biden holds the ceremonial swearing-in of senators in the Old Senate Chamber. LIVE

1230EST -- Doctors and Clinicians who treated Sen Kirk hold media availability immediately following the Senator's climb of the Capitol steps. FNC TAPE

1200EST -- VPOTUS holds ceremonial swearings-in of sens in the Old Senate Chamber. LIVE

We are awaiting some reports on hiring:

0815EST -- ADP releases ADP private payroll employment report.

0830EST -- Labor Dept releases weekly jobless claims.

Also note.. the warning from Moody's about America's credit rating.

Drone attack near Afghanistan/Pakistan border may have killed a top Taliban commander.

Hillary Clinton out of the hospital.

Sandy Hook kids have first full day of classes at new school in CT.