Friday December 28, 2012 Happening Now

Couple of big stories we'll be following today:

The death of "Stormin' Norman".. General Norman Schwarzkopf dead at the age of 78.

Obama will meet with Congressional Lawmakers on the so-called fiscal cliff as the deadline for a deal approaches like a brick wall.

1130EST -- Sen Harkin and "working people will gather beneath a massive Times Square-style disco ball in a pre-New Year's countdown at the Capitol urging the Republicans in Congress not to drop the ball on the middle class in order to give massive tax breaks to the richest Americans as the New Year and the impending $2,000 tax hike on middle-class families approaches." FNC TAPE

Mike Emanuel, Molly Henneberg, Ed Henry and William La Jeunesse reporting.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has signed an anti-American adoption measure forbidding Americans from adopting Russian children.

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