More body parts found in suburban Detroit sewer line

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Authorities in Michigan are investigating a disturbing find in a suburban sewer line: human body parts. reports that sanitation workers repairing a sewer line near 10 Mile Road in Warren made the gruesome discovery early Thursday. Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco said it marked the second time in the last four months that workers from Inland Water Pollution Control have discovered body parts in the sewer line.

In August, workers found about a dozen body parts caught on a sewer grate near Maple Lane in Sterling Heights. The sections were covered in tattoos and a DNA test revealed the parts belonged to a large white woman whose identity is still unknown.

Authorities believe the body parts found this week — two pieces of human flesh, each about 4 inches square — may have come from the same person and that someone may be deliberately dumping at different times, but DNA testing will be needed to confirm that.

"These pieces are not believed to have been put in the drain at the same time because they appear to have been preserved,” said Warren Police Det. Mel Nearing. “They are in too good a condition to have been there for this long a period of time.”

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